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The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) contains the rights and liabilities of online reservation site (operator: Bewital Bt. headquarters: 9228 Halászi, Damjanich str.28., manager: Molnár Zsolt József, company registry number: Cg.08-06-002117, tax number: 22417394-2-08; hereinafter Supplier) as well as the Costumer (hereinafter: Partner) who has taken use of the electronic commercial service of the Supplier on the webpage.

1. General notes, contract between the Parties

1.1. The present GTC’s effect covers those electronic commercial services in Hungary that are made through electronic marketplace of webpage (hereafter: internet reservation site). In addition, the present GTC’s effect covers those commercial transactions that are made between the parties of the present contract.

The reservation made through the website is considered a contract between those who are separated by distance and it is under the regulation of the law of 2001. CVII (“Ektv.”) on questions of related services of electronic commercial services. With the present GTC the Supplier has given information covered in 5§ (2) and 6§ (1)-(2) paragraph of “Ektv”.

1.2. The room reservation can be made through the web shop in a way determined in the GTC.

1.3. The services of the web shop can be employed by natural persons and legal entities as well as corporations without legal entity in the case of a successful and valid registration on the webpage and furthermore they are bound by the items stated in the present contract.

1.4. The contract between the Parties comes into existence when filling the required fields of booking data sheet in and checking their correctness and then clicking the “Send booking” button. Agreement made in this way – solely in Hungarian, German, English, Italian and Slovak – is considered a written contract. The Supplier files this and keeps it for the period prescribed by law. The Supplier shall provide written information of the content of contracts within 8 days of written request from the Partner. The electronic correspondence is also considered a written request and provision of information.

1.5. Customer service:

Bewital Bt.
Phone: (+36) 30/991-7646
Online customer service:

2. Booking

2.1. Registration comes into effect when at the main page you choose the “Booking” menu and fill in the booking data sheet.

2.2. The Supplier shall not be liable for any defective fulfilment caused by mistaken and/or inaccurate data given by Partner.

3. Order

3.1. The exact descriptions of booked rooms and apartments can be seen on the homepage or in the gallery. Any other questions in connection with the booking can be answered via any of the customer service accessibilities.

3.2. The booking price is always the total gross price and is indicated next to the chosen room, apartment or service and includes the value-added tax as well. The price does not include tourism tax.

3.3. In the case of a mistaken price posted on the marketplace despite the Supplier’s due diligence – particularly a manifestly incorrect price that is significantly different from the generally accepted or estimated price, or a price appearing “0 HUF” due to system error – the Supplier is not required to fulfil the booking at the mistaken price. The Supplier may offer the booking at the correct price and in view of this the Partner may abandon the intention of the booking.

3.4. The Supplier accepts the booking from the registered Partner only in the case where the Partner fully fills in all the required fields. The Supplier does not bear any responsibility for a mistaken booking due to mistaken and/or inaccurate booking data given by the Partner.

3.5. By sending the reservation, the Partner states that he/she accepts and is bound by the General Terms and Conditions.

3.6. The Supplier is obliged to confirm the Partner’s reservation request by e-mail after its receipt but at latest within 48 hours. If this confirmation is not received by the Partner within 48 hours of sending the reservation request, the Supplier’s contract entered and Partner’s purchase obligation ends without any further terms or obligations.

4. Delivery and payment terms

4.1. Payment

Reservations must be made no later than 3 days before arrival. After confirming the reservation made on our website, or in certain cases by phone or email, a 30% advance payment is required, with a transfer to the given account number, or with a SZÉP card prepayment or a red postal order to the following address : Bewital Bt , 8257 Badacsonytomaj-Badacsonyörs városrész, Klastrom u. 7.

Payment of the remaining 70% is required upon arrival at the guesthouse.

4.2. Cancellation policy:We only accept a cancellation – considering the date of receipt – in written form. In the case of cancellation 30 days or more before arrival the reservation advance is returned (with a 10% administration fee deducted). In the case of cancellation from 3-30 days before arrival the reservation advance is not returned. In the case of cancellation 2 days before arrival or if the Partner does not cancel the reservation at all, the accommodation price for the whole reserved period must be paid (amount over the advance is invoiced).

4.3. Checking in and out, responsibility:Occupation of the accommodation is possible from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. Please check out by 10 a.m. on leaving day. The guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage of the Guesthouse or its equipment caused by the guest or his/her pets.

These General Terms and Conditions are prepared in Hungarian. In the case of translation into any foreign language the Hungarian version is the valid final version. Any issues not covered above are covered by the Civil Code and the relevant Hungarian laws’ provisions are regulations.

January 1 2020 Badacsonyörs

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