Oasis to the Abbey... more than a Balaton Summer Vacation

Free Wi-Fi

Unlimited and free internet access for all our guests. You will find the Wi-Fi code everywhere, including in all rooms.

LCD Television in every room

All rooms have a full HD LCD TV with Mindig TV channels (there are certain football matches which can drag you away from even the most glorious of Balaton views).

Closed Car Park with CCTV

Right behind the main building of the guesthouse you will find one of our car parks. The car-park can be entered through the main gate via remote control (all guests receive one remote per vehicle), is paved, and provides secure space for 15 cars.

On the lower terrace, we can accommodate 18 cars in our grass-gravel parking lot, which can also be accessed through the remote-controlled entrance gate.

Buffet Breakfast

Upon request we provide a buffet breakfast for our guests. Here you will find a wide range of fresh bakery products, cheeses, cold cuts, pâtés, fruits and vegetables, sausages, yoghurts, muesli, fruit juices, water, coffee and tea.

Jet-Stream Outdoor Swimming Pool

Our outdoor pool gradually deepens to a depth of 1.5m. It can be covered and thanks to the jet-stream system it is great for swimmers too. Smaller children with armbands also love the pool under their parents’ supervision. Nothing can compare to the feeling of relaxing in the pool and gazing in wonder at the beautiful view of Balaton. Thanks to the cover and the tiling of the pool, it doesn’t lose heat overnight and thus the water maintains a very pleasant 25-30 degrees temperature in summer. From autumn to spring the pool serves as a great plunge pool after the sauna.


It is said that a good session in a jacuzzi is the equivalent of a deep meditation. Bathing in the 34-degree water of the jacuzzi reduces stress, and thus the negative effects of stress such as muscle strain, rapid heartbeat, tension, headaches and chronic pain.
The hydro-massage improves circulation and digestion as well as reducing high blood pressure. As the stress in our muscles decreases, our spirit relaxes and we can expect to sleep far more deeply after a jacuzzi. Circulation will be stimulated, our immune system will improve, and the body’s regeneration will be accelerated. Muscle aches and pains will be reduced and poisons in the body will be more rapidly removed. The power of the warm water relieves the muscles of stress and aids in their regeneration.

Finnish Sauna

A sauna is a great wellness program, but it is more than just that. Our sauna is set at 80-90°C and the warm air has numerous beneficial health effects. Taking a sauna improves circulation and helps in detoxification whilst also releasing endorphins. Going from the heat of the sauna to a plunge pool or cold shower causes our blood vessels to expand and contract and thus increases the body’s resistance to disease. It has a positive effect on the heart and circulation, while our skin will be soft and silky. Our brain calms, promoting deeper and more intense sleep. The sauna helps fight colds and our immune system is strengthened. It can relieve joint pain and after sport relaxes the muscles to prevent muscle strain. After the sauna we recommend our outdoor pool as a plunge pool, especially from autumn to spring, but you can also use the showers in the wellness area. The sauna is built for 6-8 persons and is a wonderful wellness program.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna affects the body in a different way to the Finnish sauna, as the infrared beam passes an inch below the skin ‘s surface, loosening the dead skin and toxins through the sweat glands and helping eliminate them from the body. The infrared sauna accelerates metabolic processes, limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and stimulates the healthy parts of the body and organs to aid increased activity. It initiates the self-healing processes of the body, improving resistance. The beneficial effect of a series of infrared saunas against a number of different diseases is supported in medical publications. It has an excellent analgesic effect, curing and relieving chronic inflammation (face, sinus, pelvic inflammatory disease), rheumatism, gout, sciatica, muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, and shoulder, neck and lower back pains. It is often used to assist in recovery from muscle injuries.

Jade Stone Bed

An automatic thermal massage bed combining modern technology with a number of traditional Far Eastern methods to help the body’s self-healing ability. The jade stones are heated by a helium lamp and radiate infrared heat along the spine by a gentle sliding motion while an advanced massage opens the meridians and fills the body with beneficial energies. Castors stop on the acupressure points, relaxing the muscles and thus helping to improve the operation of the corresponding points. Infrared heat increases blood circulation throughout the body, helping you to relax. It also relaxes muscles close to the spine, improving blood and energy circulation, refreshing the body and giving a great sense of overall well-being. Jade Chi radiates at similar wavelengths to the human cells and as a result is able to penetrate inside our bodies, improving health, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the internal energies of Chi. Regular use of a jade stone bed will keep our body in good condition, we will feel fit again, our spine will be more flexible and the assimilation of vitamin D in the body will be improved. Initially, the use of jade massage beds creates a slight feeling of muscle aches; this is our body’s natural reaction. It is recommended for the following disorders: musculoskeletal disorders, spinal diseases, rheumatic problems, treatment of internal inflammations, skin diseases, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, chronic rhinitis, depression, vision correction.


Vitamin D3 is vital for the body in order to derive calcium from food. Calcium ensures the stability of the bones, it is crucial for other bodily functions such as cell division, muscle contraction, transmission of information between the nerves and the metabolism. Ultraviolet B radiation increases the quality of blood and reduces the amount of some toxic substances in the blood. The solarium ensures brighter, clearer skin, speeding up cell metabolism and leading to increased oxygen supply to tissues and the prevention of the formation of skin disorders. Tanning can actually help with skin disorders! Acne and other pathological skin conditions can be treated successfully with ultraviolet rays. It improves the body’s immune system as ultraviolet radiation activates white blood cells which fight against bacteria. Ultraviolet radiation has a balancing effect on the nervous system, positively affecting the autonomic nervous system and psyche as well as general well-being. The solarium has a gentler effect on your skin than natural sunlight because the ultraviolet B rays are reduced to the minimum necessary level to achieve the biological effects of ultraviolet A rays and to a level that is the minimum necessary to achieve a tan. Our sun bed has 32 tubes and includes face tanning.

Events Room

Our 70m2 living room is a great location for up to 30 people to use as a classroom, meeting room, or even for a wedding ceremony. If it is cold outside, we will light our open fire.

After dinner on our barbecue terrace, you can relax in the wellness area in the wellness area.

BBQ Terrace, Open-air cooking fire

We have a covered BBQ as well as an open-air cooking fireplace so that groups of friends, families, companies, or colleagues can come together for an unforgettable culinary experience, drinking spritzers or tasting wine with the stunning view of Balaton in the background. The two terraces are separable and can comfortably fit 15-20 people each.


2 swings, a slide and a sandpit waiting for those who want to play. Our playground is safety certified for unclouded happiness.

SZÉP card acceptance

We accept SZÉP cards for payment.

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