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Secured parking place

The car park is closed and observed by CCTV. It has space for 20 cars.


Outdoor pool

The 7m x 3.5m and 1.3-1.5m deep outdoor pool with a jet-swim system provides a perfect opportunity for swimmers. With armbands and parents, even the littlest of kids can enjoy it. Whilst splashing in the water, you can gaze down on the beautiful view of Balaton. As the pool is covered at night, the temperature of the water always remains at 25-30 degrees almost all summer without any need for heating. In winter, the pool becomes perfect as a plunge pool after a Finnish Sauna.



Water, as one of the basic elements of life is a natural part of human life which automatically relaxes us. If that water massages our muscles through the jets in a jacuzzi, the health effects of water are even more intensive. With this we can prevent numerous stress related illnesses as well as experiencing a general improvement in health.
Nothing beats a deep meditation after a nice jacuzzi.
The 37 degrees jacuzzi reduces stress and thus the negative effects of stress on the muscles, rapid heartbeat, tightness, headaches, and chronic pains.
The hydro-massage improves circulation and digestion as well as reducing high blood pressure. As the tension in muscles is reduced we feel spiritually relaxed, and it is sure that we will sleep better that evening. Blood circulation is stimulated, our bodies natural defences are improved, and the bodies regeneration is accelerated. Muscle aches are reduced and the neutralization of poisons in the body is also accelerated. The warm water takes the strains of the body and helps in its regeneration.


Finnish Sauna

The refreshing effects of sweating in this sauna built for 6-8 persons comes from the high temperature (about 80-90 ° C) and low humidity (10% maximum). Taking a sauna constricts the blood vessels, thus increasing the body's resistance and helps in detoxification. It has a positive effect on the heart and circulation, while our skin will be soft and silky. Our brain calms, promoting deeper and more intense sleep. The sauna helps fight colds and the use of our immune system is strengthened. The sauna can relieve joint pain, and after sport relaxes the muscles, to avoid muscle strain.


Infrared sauna

The infra-sauna, unlike the Finnish sauna affects the body differently, as the infrared beam passes an inch below the skin 's surface, loosening the dead skin and toxins through the sweat glands and helping eliminate them from the body. This type of sauna is used a lot for sports muscle injuries as well. The infrared accelerates the metabolic processes , limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses , and increased activity stimulates the healthy parts of the body and organs. It initiates the self-healing processes of the body, improving resistance . The beneficial effect of a series of infra-saunas against a number of different diseases is supported in medical publications. It has an excellent analgesic effect, curing and relieving chronic inflammation (face, sinus , pelvic inflammatory disease) , rheumatism, gout , sciatica, muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, and shoulder and lower back pains.


Jade stone bed

An automatic thermal massage bed combining technology with a number of traditional Far Eastern method (massage, chiropractic, acupressure, cell therapy, semi-precious stones and infrared heat / moxa - effect/). Once Started it helps the body's own healing ability. The jade stones are heated by a helium lamp and radiate infrared heat along the spine by a gentle sliding motion while an advanced massage opens the meridians, and fills up the beneficial energies of the body. Castors stop on the acupressure points, relaxing the muscles, and thus helping to improve the operation of the corresponding points. Infrared heat increases blood circulation throughout the body, helping you to relax . It also relaxes muscles close to the spine, improving blood and energy circulation, refreshing the body, and giving a great sense of well-being . Jade Chi radiates at similar wavelengths to the human cells and as a result are able to penetrate inside our bodies, improving health, strengthening the immune system and stimulating the internal energies of Chi. The use of infrared irradiation with jade stones is well known. The jade stones and infrared heat and the combined effect of a sliding motion along the spine gently advance chiropractics, strengthening the functioning of the whole body meridians and Chi growth. With regular use of jade massage the body will become fit and supple again and this will be the backbone of a healing process for many health problems. This massage opens elasticity of the spine, massaging the muscles and tendons, whilst the rollers move between the spinal column and nerves and relax the bonds, improving the flow of energy. The jade stones to loosen tight muscles cramping along the line of the spine and at the same time, the infrared radiation also provides beneficial effects. Initially, the use of jade massage beds creates a slight feeling of muscle aches; this is our body 's natural reaction. The jade therapy boosts the immune system, relieving migraine pain, internal organs such as the liver, kidney and spleen function is restored, blood circulation is enhanced, it relaxes and reduces stress. The treatment opens the spine so the discs are hydrated again, retaining their original size and shape. Improving general well-being, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying, improving blood circulation, relieving muscle spasms and helping the assimilation of vitamin D in the body. It is recommended for the following: musculoskeletal disorders, spinal diseases, rheumatic problems, treatment of internal inflammations, skin diseases, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, chronic rhinitis, depression, vision correction.


Internet (Wi-Fi)

Unlimited free wifi internet access for our guests via wifi routers.


LCD TV in every room

Our rooms are equipped with the latest Full HD LCD TV using Mindig TV Service provider.



Vitamin D3 is vital to the body in order to derive calcium from food . Calcium ensures the stability of the bones, it is very important in terms of other body functions such as cell division, muscle contraction, transmission of information between the nerves and the metabolism. The ultraviolet B radiation increases the quality of blood and reduces the amount of some toxic substances in the blood. The solarium provides a brighter, clearer skin, speeding up cell metabolism and leading to increased tissue oxygen supply and preventing the formation of skin disorders. Tanning can actually help with skin disorders! Acne and other pathological skin conditions can be treated successfully with ultraviolet rays. It improves the body's immune system to ultraviolet radiation to activate the white blood cells, which fight against bacteria. Ultraviolet radiation has a balancing effect on the nervous system, positively affecting the autonomic nervous system and psyche, as well as general well-being. The solarium has a gentler effect on your skin than natural sunlight because the ultraviolet B rays are reduced to the minimum necessary level to achieve the biological effects of ultraviolet A rays and to a level that is the minimum necessary to achieve the tan colour. 32 pipe face tanning beds await guests.


Buffet Breakfast

Upon request we are able to provide a buffet breakfast.










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